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Paradise Consulting Team

John Willson

John Willson is a Specialist in Business Technology with over 30 years experience in various IT service industries such as HR, Payroll, pensions administration, veterinary laboratory management, customer relations, archiving, GIS, SAP implementation and various technical projects. He has recently been engaged by various clients to assist in advancing their businesses through the design and implementation of high level strategies. His experience includes analysis, design, implementation and management of significant projects, at a senior level being responsible for large enterprise IT systems and for their daily upkeep and supervision involving establishment and growth of the systems.


Susan Shiells

Susan Shiells is a business analyst with over 30 years experience in the fields of IT auditing, planning, programme/project management, risk management and service management. Her expertise covers budget setting and management, customer relationship management, management of infrastructure and development projects. Susan has carried out strategic and operational level audits and has recently devised a business continuity planning programme for use across clients to establish national trends. Susan has also found weaknesses within pay-roll systems and been able to initiate a better structure accordingly and assessed the reliability of e-procurement systems to interface mechanisms. Client website evaluations have also been carried out by Susan to guarantee good practice.


Clark Munro

Clark is a self-motivated, highly qualified, multi-skilled professional, with varied and extensive senior management experience within the utilities industries. He has a wide experience in developing company policies and procedures relating to: standards of service, customer relationship management, tariff and billing procedures, quality manual and government interface procedures. During his varied 34 years experience he has undertaken many consultancies in a multitude of countries.
Most recently, in the UAE, he was responsible for assisting in the customer services department of a green-fields project for the deployment of natural gas in the city of Abu Dhabi. His focus has always been on mentoring those around him and imparting skills.


Ashraf Hamdy

o More than 37 years of experience in IT and applications in various fields like Banking, Motor industry, Health care, Municipality applications.
o Vehicle manufacturing and import “DATPACK” in (Nissan –Ireland),
o Health care information implementation and support (DOHMS – DUBAI),
o Many archiving, Document management and Workflow systems like Ministry of Foreign affairs MUSCAT- OMAN (1988), MobiNil - Mobile Company in Egypt (1998), and Abu Dhabi Municipality (2003).
o IT Financial and Industrial applications including Motor package for NISSAN - Ireland and On Line Whole Sale for Gazzaz KSA (1979).
o Managing projects and keeping the balance between ideal and practical expectation.
o Consultation, feasibility studies and proposal evaluation.
o IT in general in both system side and application side.